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Start with € 5.000.000 and buy up to 15 riders in your team. Your goal is to increase the value of your team by scoring prize money and by increasing the transfer value of your riders. read more
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#DateRaceStart timeCountdown
124/02UAE Tour - Stage 212:20 (09:20 CET)started
224/02Tour du Rwanda - Stage 210:12 (09:12 CET)started
329/02Faun-Ardèche Classic00:00
Latest transfers
4sBARBIER Rudy243.067,-
36sKÄMNA Lennard185.537,-
57sWEEMAES Sasha16.066,-
1mGAVIRIA Fernando643.912,-
1mDE PLUS Laurens423.660,-
1mVANMARCKE Sep434.932,-
2mBETTIOL Alberto481.915,-
2mSAGAN Peter980.803,-
2mDE PLUS Laurens440.119,-
2mDOUBEY Fabien47.271,-
2mDE PLUS Laurens434.758,-
2mRUTSCH Jonas40.128,-
2mFEDOROV Yevgeniy58.969,-
2mABERASTURI Jon207.932,-
3mPEDERSEN Mads422.755,-
3mMERLIER Tim330.034,-
3mVERMOTE Julien45.162,-
3mPEDERSEN Mads422.659,-
3mDE PLUS Laurens429.394,-
3mROELANDTS Jürgen193.399,-
3mRÄIM Mihkel259.761,-
3mELISSONDE Kenny57.195,-
3mALMEIDA João76.911,-
4mBAGIOLI Nicola66.975,-
4mJUNGELS Bob576.937,-
4mMERLIER Tim329.939,-
4mKÄMNA Lennard185.632,-
4mWYNANTS Maarten29.532,-
5mDE PLUS Laurens445.863,-
5mDE PLUS Laurens440.499,-