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NEW! History Cycling GamePlay with Merckx, Cancellara or Hinault and map out your strategy in a historical season!
Manage your own cyclingteam!
Be a cycling director and manage your own cycling team!

Start with € 5.000.000 and buy up to 15 riders in your team. Your goal is to increase the value of your team by scoring prize money and by increasing the transfer value of your riders. read more
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#DateRaceStart timeCountdown
127/05ZLM Tour - Stage 100:00
228/05Boucles de la Mayenne - Stage 100:00
328/05Tour of Estonia - Stage 100:00
Latest transfers
8mPEREZ Anthony100.008,-
10mBARGUIL Warren451.330,-
11mCAVAGNA Rémi278.162,-
1hSAGAN Peter987.711,-
1hEVENEPOEL Remco792.825,-
1hALAPHILIPPE Julian1.067.008,-
3hGILBERT Philippe653.169,-
3hTOLHOEK Antwan232.474,-
3hLANDA Mikel708.207,-
3hROJAS José Joaquín223.551,-
4hSTACCHIOTTI Riccardo45.090,-
8hTEUNS Dylan638.211,-
8hKRUIJSWIJK Steven624.804,-
8hTEUNS Dylan638.115,-
8hTEUNS Dylan638.019,-
9hLEVASSEUR Jordan55.485,-
10hBERNAL Egan1.006.601,-
10hLIGTHART Pim130.788,-
10hBOLE Grega96.940,-
10hLANGEVELD Sebastian202.989,-
10hVAN DER POEL Mathieu967.963,-
10hPÖSTLBERGER Lukas139.753,-
10hBIERMANS Jenthe64.531,-
10hWALLAYS Jelle119.138,-
10hMERLIER Tim336.270,-
10hBENNETT George535.520,-
10hWYNANTS Maarten31.594,-
10hKUSS Sepp207.304,-
10hCAMPENAERTS Victor315.914,-
10hDE GENDT Thomas342.968,-