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Start with € 5.000.000 and buy up to 15 riders in your team. Your goal is to increase the value of your team by scoring prize money and by increasing the transfer value of your riders. read more
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#DateRaceStart timeCountdown
119/02Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol - Stage 112:002d + 13:03:51
219/02Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta - Stage 112:102d + 13:13:51
320/02Tour of Antalya - Stage 112:00 (10:00 CET)3d + 11:03:51
Latest transfers
1mCELANO Danilo45.200,-
1mALAPHILIPPE Julian1.042.532,-
1mSEVILLA Óscar244.592,-
1mCELANO Danilo40.937,-
1mCICCONE Giulio489.908,-
4mDENNIS Rohan596.335,-
4mBETANCUR Carlos308.582,-
5mGESINK Robert252.668,-
5mVIVIANI Elia929.051,-
5mCAVAGNA Rémi273.696,-
5mMINALI Riccardo168.304,-
5mCICCONE Giulio489.813,-
5mÖRKEN Ahmet76.629,-
5mSCHÖNBERGER Sebastian30.497,-
5mPOWER Robert226.781,-
6mGAUDIN Damien99.037,-
6mCARTHY Hugh338.339,-
6mGROENEWEGEN Dylan842.873,-
6mCARTHY Hugh352.275,-
7mMARTÍNEZ Daniel Felipe405.411,-
7mEVENEPOEL Remco790.379,-
7mTEUNS Dylan618.599,-
7mBERNAL Egan982.224,-
8mVENDRAME Andrea441.972,-
9mHIGUITA Sergio676.353,-
9mTOLHOEK Antwan231.759,-
9mPOGAČAR Tadej957.337,-
9mKRON Andreas36.179,-
10mHIGUITA Sergio676.448,-
10mMULUBRHAN Henok30.869,-