2022 Changes

With almost 15 million pageviews in 2021 on ProCyclingGame.com and over 3600 players, the game is very actively played. We have received a lot of feedback and with the start of a new season this is the moment to implement that feedback into practice. You can find a full log of changes since the start of the game here. On this page, we explain the idea behind the changes for the 2022 game.

The biggest change is that you can sell your riders for the highest price of the day, or if you have purchased the rider today, for the highest price since the time of purchasing. With this new method in place, you don't have to sell your rider directly after the finish of a race, but you can sell your rider later that day without sustaining a substantial loss. As there is no need for inmediate selling, the stoploss and sell on finish functions are discontinued. Instead, an end-of-day sell option is introduced.

Another major change is that the salestax is changed from a linear degrading costs to a fixed cost of 5000. The 5% starting salestax in the 2021 resulted in a costs of 50.000 for the most expensive riders, if they need to be sold within a day, for example when a rider crashes. This cost is as high as the final prizemoney for the Tour de France GC and therefore a bit out of balance. By making the salestax fixed, you never have to incorporate waiting time into your transfer strategy.

The performance bonus is abolished in 2022. The rider price only fluctuates based upon the amount of transfers. This simplifies the assessment of buying a rider, as you only have to account for the optional prizemoney and the potential increase in value from incremental sales.

In 2021 the captain role was introduced, doubling the prizemoney. In 2022, the Attacker, Offday and Domestique roles are added. With these roles you can earn money with riders on races or stages where they are not expected to score big results. A dedicated player can really make a difference in the game without playing the big names. Each role can be applied only to a single race or stage, maximum 7 days in advance. The costs for making your rider a team captain are 25% of the prizemoney of the winner. Only the prizemoney of the race or stage is doubled, not the prizemoney for the general classifications.
For the attacker role, you need to invest 1000,- on 1 rider for a specific race or stage. Is your rider in the break of the day? Then you earn 5000,-. The Offday and Domestique work more or less the same. For the Offday role you invest 1000, does your rider finishes in the bottom-10 of the result, you earn 5000,-. For the Domestique role, you invest 1000 on a rider, does a teammate wins the race or stage, then your rider earns 5000.

All these changes have the intention to make the game more fun and more easily playable, with less time management stress than before. We hope it turns out like this. As always, your feedback is more than welcome. We wish good luck and
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