An overview of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ProCyclingGame.

When I buy a rider at 200.000 and the price goes up to 250.000, do I earn 50.000?
No. In the 2023 game you sell your rider at the price at which you bought him. You earn money directly when some other player buys your rider.

How do I assign the domestique role?
You don't have to. When a teammate of your rider wins the race, your rider automatically earns 20% of the prizemoney of the winner.

Can I have negative cash balance?
Yes. For example when you have no cash on hand and your riders are sold by other players, you are directly charged with a 5,- cost. This forces your cash position to become negative. Another way to have negative cash is when you have selected a rider as captain, but the total prizemoney is less than the costs for captains. This could push your cash below the surface. This is no problem and should fix itself whenever you sell a rider or when new prizemoney comes in.

What happens when the market opens?

After the startup phase at the beginning of the year, the market opens. From this point on, you pay 100,- salestax when you sell a rider. Also, from this point you receive 10,- for every purchase of a rider on your team. You loose 5,- for every sale of a rider on your team by another player.