End of 2022 game and 2023 Game

2022 Game

As the 2022 season is coming to an end, so is the ProCyclingGame. We want to thank all the players that have made the game to what it is, an active rider market. Having said that, we also directly want to apologise for the bugs and issues this year. Every year we try new things, but it turned out the design changes this year resulted in a lot of problems. This caused us to spend more time in fixes and recomputing results than upgrading the game. Despite all that we hope that you had fun playing the game.

2023 Game

With the 2022 season problems in mind, we already are looking forward to the 2023 season. We will apply the feedback and analysis results to the 2023 game, which we can already tell will have some major updates. Here are a few bulletpoints regarding the major changes.

- The interface will get a major upgrade
- Instead of a year game, the game will continue over the seasons. This will open up possibilities for investing in talented riders.
- Main ranking over money earned in past 12 months
- Prizemoney will be significantly lower so resource allocation will be relevant for a longer period
- No limit on number of riders on your team to increase strategies possibilities.

More details are to come as we will work out the new system. We hope that you will continue playing the game in to 2023!
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