Procyclinggame final 2020


A few days and this crazy cycling season ends. First some practical issues on the ProCyclingGame final. After the start of the final stage of the Vuelta the market will close. So the value of your riders can not be affected by transactions, only by performance bonusses. Your final team value will be computed after the Vuelta prizes have been awarded. Then the final ranking will be computed and the winner will be known.

With the season closing, it's a good moment to look back on 2020 and look forward on things to come. We have gotten a lot feedback from players that enjoyed playing the game and did suggestions for improvement, we thank you for this. Some of this feedback we have already applied, some things we simply could not implement during the game. In the winter period we will evaluate and analyse everything, fix the bugs and make the game better and even more enjoyable in 2021. All 2020 rankings will be saved for the history books and will be available on the site.