Rules change log


ProCyclingGame is a very dynamic game concept. We started out with a basic framework on 2020/1/1, but are still finetuning the game. From data analysis and feedback we might be making some adjustments to the rules. On this page we give you an overview of the changes that were made.

Major update on multiple levels. (1) Instead of a 100/75/50/25 increase/decrease after each transaction, a fixed 50,- value. (2) Implementation of a startup phase for PCG v2. (3) Different method of baseprice computation. (4) Direct increase of rider value upon scoring result. (5) Introduction of investment cap.

Added exception rule regarding canceled races.

Added explanation on stoploss selling to rules. Function will be available from 2020/2/24 9:00 CET onwards.

7/2/2020 10:00
Modification to the salestax. These include now a fixed element. These go from 10% to 5%+5000,-, from 8% to 4%+4000,-, from 6% to 3%+3000,-, from 4% to 2%+2000,-, from 2% to 1%+1000,-, the 1% from 10 to 30 days stays the same. This makes the salestax on low priced riders a bit higher, which should lower the opportunity for very short term price speculation.

7/2/2020 9:00
Modification to the way baseprices are recomputed. With immediate effect, baseprices will only be adjusted at 03:00 in the morning, and will be adjusted by a maximum of 500,- up or down. Because of this change, there is no need for a market closing period anymore, and the market will always be open. We believe this change will make playing for prizemoney more relevant, and you don't have to wait anymore for the market to re-open.

31/1/2020 13:00
The 1-hour money-back rule has been abolished. Instead of this, the purchase needs to be confirmed by a second button. This change fixes the problem of a temporary rider price increase. The modification will be in effect inmediately, but riders purchased in the last 60 minutes can be sold without costs for another hour.

22/1/2020 23:59
Added a trapped reduction for the € 100,- increase rule. After 1000 purchases the increase is reduced to 75,-, after 2000 purchases the increase is reduced to 50,- and after 3000 purchases the increase stays at 25,-. This change is made to temper the fluctuation of prices of highly popular riders. This change had effect on the prices of riders that were purchased over 1000 times (Evenepoel, Bennett, Porte, Ewan and van der Poel). If you had one (or more) of these riders on your team, the price difference is put back on your cash position.
This change was necessary as more players than expected find their way to ProCyclingGame. To keep the game playable we are carefully monitoring the balance between transfer earnings and prize winnings.

Removed multiple team playing mode (function was not released yet). After initial game analysis it is believed that maintaining one team provides enough strategy oppertunities, while activating multiple teams would inflate prices.

Added exceptions rulings for result disqualifications.

Added exceptions rulings.

Added prize scheme for final points, KOM, youth classification to rules and team time trials to rules.

Baseprices are automatically updated daily at 03:00 in the morning and following the finish of a race. At the rider profiles a point breakdown link is available.

Modification to the way the PCG rider ranking is computed. From 12-month intervals to season intervals with a linear discount percentage. Fixes the problem of a rider suddenly losing points.

Modification to the transaction costs. From a 0% after 10 days to 0% after 30 days. This is to decrease short term speculation on rider prices. This change will go into effect on January 20th to give players the opportunity to sell riders under the old rules. A rider sold after 2020-01-20 23:59:59 will be sold under the new rules.

Introduction of market closing period. To decrease short term investment opportunities.