To compete in the game you need to register on the site. You start with a budget of 5.000.000 euro. You can buy up to 15 riders, but you may have less. The goal is to increase the value of your team. The player with the highest team value at the end of the season, wins the game!

How to earn money?

You can earn money in two ways. First, your riders can score prize money in the races they are competing. You need to have a rider on your team before the start of a race or stage untill after the finish of the race to collect the prize money. Second, rider values fluctuate up and down depending on their performance and popularity (read here how). When you buy low and sell high, you earn money. The downside is that you can also lose money if the value of a rider on your team decreases.

Prize money

Riders score money if they finish in the top-10 of a stage or race. In stage races, prize money is awarded for the leaders in the general, points, king of mountain or youth classification. In World Tour races there are additonal prizes for KOM sprints and intermediate sprints. The prize money is added to your cash position.
To collect the prize money, a rider needs to be bought before the starting time of a race or stage and still be on your team at the finish time of a race or stage. For example, if you buy a rider at the morning of stage 4 before the stage starts and sell after the stage, you collect the prizemoney if that rider scores a prize. The starting times for races will be indicated at the race pages. The finish time of a race is the time when the first rider crosses the finishline. For the final GC the starting time of the first stage is taken as reference. You can buy any active rider, no matter his level of racing.
For team time trials (TTT) there is a special prize scheme, which indicates the prize money per rider. If you have for example 5 riders from the winning team in the Tour de France, you would receive 5 x 5000 = 25.000 euro.

Stage races
Grand toursWTPRO/HC.1
GC Leader8.000,-4.000,-2.000,-2.000,-
Points Leader4.000,-2.000,-1.000,-1.000,-
KOM Leader4.000,-2.000,-1.000,-1.000,-
Youth Leader4.000,-2.000,-1.000,-1.000,-
KOM sprint4.000,- / 3.000,- / 2.000,- / 1.000,-2.000,- / 1.500,- / 1.000,- / 500,-
Intermediate sprint2.500,-1.500,-0,-0,-
Final points, KOM and youth classification
Team time trials

One day races
Worlds and monumentsWTPRO/HC.1

Buy riders

If your cash position allows it and you have less then 15 riders on a team, you can buy a rider. You can buy riders at anytime of the day, also during races.

Sell riders

You can sell riders to free up cash to buy other riders. When you sell a rider within 30 days of buying, you have to pay a salestax. This salestax is a percentage of the value of the rider at the moment of selling, plus a fixed amount. The longer you have the rider on your team, the lower the transaction costs.
Days on teamSalestax
<25% + 5000,-
<44% + 4000,-
<63% + 3000,-
<82% + 2000,-
<101% + 1000,-
<301% + 0,-

Stoploss selling

It can happen that a rider suddenly looses value, for example when a rider drops out of the race. If you are late to sell, you could be selling at a huge loss. By entering a stoploss value for your rider, you can mitigate this risk. For example, you buy a rider at 800.000,- and enter a stoploss value of 780.000,-. When the price of the rider drops below 780.000, your rider is automatically sold for the best price available. That does not mean you always get your stoploss value! If three other players had entered the same stoploss value, the player who has bought the rider first gets the highest price. Salestax apply in the same way as with normal sales. Note that the rider price is taken as reference, not the price minus salestax. If you want to delete your stoploss setting, simply set the value to zero.

This principle of first-bought-first-sold holds for all triggered stoploss values. Example: player A buys rider on day 1 and sets a stoploss value of 780.000. Player B buys rider on day 2 and sets a stoploss value of 780.050. Now when the value of the rider drops to 780.040, both stoploss actions are triggered and the rider from player A is sold first for 780.040 (higher than his stoploss value!) and the rider from player B is sold next for 779.960.
Function will be available from 2020/2/24 9:00 CET.

How are riders valued?

The value of a rider is determined by three factors. First, the position of the rider in the ProCyclingGame ranking determines the base price. The price degrades lineary between the prices in the following table, the full ranking plus baseprices can be found here. These baseprices are updated daily at 03:00 in the morning. Baseprices are adjusted by maximal plus or minus 500,- each night. For example, when a rider moves up from position 75 to 74 and therefore his baseprice increases from 550.000 to 554.000, this will be processed over a time of 8 days in 8 steps 500,-.
Position in rankingBaseprice
Secondly, for each time a player buys the rider, the value of the rider increases by 100 euro. The opposite also holds, if a player sells the rider, the value decreases with 100 euro. When a rider is present within over 1000 teams, the increase is reduced to 75 euro. Above 2000 teams the increase is further reduced to 50 euro. When the rider is in more than 3000 teams, the value increase is reduced to 25,- euro and stays on this level. This is to temper very high price increases in case a rider becomes very popular.
Times purchasedPrice increase
0-1000€ 100,-
1000-2000€ 75,-
2000-3000€ 50,-
3000+€ 25,-

Finally, rider prices are normalized by a normalization factor that makes sure the total value of all riders remains constant. This prevents prices from inflating and at the same time creates opportunities as some riders are undervalued and make a good investment opportunity.

For example, a rider is ranked 11th in the ProCyclingGame rider ranking and is picked by 500 players. Suppose the normalization factor is 0.98.
The rider will cost:

(900.000 [baseprice] + 50.000 [#teams]) * 0.98 = € 931.000,-

The minimum price for a rider is € 20.000,- euro.

The ProCyclingGame ranking

This ranking is based upon the ProCyclingStats point system. The points for a rider are computed as follows:

Points = MAX(A, B, C, D);

A = PCS points scored in 2020 season
B = PCS points scored in 2019 season * (1 - 0.2 / 365 * DayOfYear)
C = PCS points scored in 2018 season * (0.8 - 0.2 / 365 * DayOfYear)
D = PCS points scored in 2017 season * (0.6 - 0.2 / 365 * DayOfYear)

This can be described as a 'highest season score' ranking, where historical seasons are discounted at a factor that increases with time. Computing the ranking in this way prevents a good rider decreasing too fast in value by having one bad season, while still enabling talented riders to move up quickly if they perform well. Furthermore, at no point during the game, a rider can suddenly loose a bunch of points and sharply drop in value. If a rider scores no new points, his point total will slowly decrease in a predictable way.

Multiple teams

There will be separate games for the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana. These games will have the same basic concept, with some adjustments.

Shortlist riders

At each rider there is a star icon. You can use this to shortlist a rider. This way you can keep track of a list of riders without buying.


Play directly against your friends, family or colleagues by creating or joining a league.


  • At unforeseen circumstances we hold the right to make decisions that are necessary for the benefit of the game. Such a decision will always be reported on the website, along with an explanation.
  • Whenever a race is cancelled, the scheduled prizemoney will not be awarded, and no special refunds will be made for riders bought under the assumption of starting in that race.
  • When a stage race is shortened, prizemoney for the final GC will be based on the finish time of the last ridden stage.
  • In the tragic event of the death (or life threatening injury) of a rider, the value of the rider before the news was reported is refunded. All transactions after that point will be made undone, so there is no need to quickly sell in such a case.
  • While it is perfectly possible to have multiple player accounts to pursue diverse strategies, it is not allowed to solely support a single team by buying the same riders. In obvious cases, we can take out the supporting teams.
  • It can occur that a rider is disqualified from the result. In this case the already awarded prize money is recomputed. In some cases, this could lead to your cash position being negative. This situation will resolve itself when new prize money is awarded or once you sell a rider. Recomputation of prize money is done at the latest 3 days after the day of racing.