Updates and restart of the game


We expected 2020 to be a year of development, getting feedback and finetuning for the next season, as ProCyclingGame is meant to run for the full season. And thanks to you, the players, we have received a lot of valuable feedback. Unfortunately, before the season was well on its way, it came to a grinding halt, and also the game. Because of the length of the season break, the second part of the season feels like a seperate season. That's the reason we will restart the game on July 12 and the leader on that date in the ranking will be the winner of the first ProCyclingGame edition. The full ranking will be saved for the history books.

Since we are restarting the game, it gives us the opportunity to implement a few updates that hopefully make the game more fair and interesting. We will explain the updates and the philosophy behind them.

In the current game, early players have an advantage because of the large value increase of popular riders. A rider like Remco Evenepoel increased over € 100.000,- before the season even started. We have solved this with a startup period, where prices remain fixed and you pay no salestax. From July 12 until July 22 you can assemble your team without rider prices increasing. This gives all players equal chances from the start. After July 22, prices start fluctuating.

The increase/decrease in rider price goes from € 100,- to € 50,- and remains 50,- for all trades. This is to better balance the importance of trading profits against prizemoney profits.

Instead of a bucket system, the salestax will degrade linear in a 10-day period from 5% to 0%. With this modification, there is no need to wait for your transfer to fall into a favorable bucket. The longer you have a rider on your team, the lower the salestax. Because the fixed part of the salestax is removed, the lowest priced riders are now 50.000 instead of 20.000.

Another important change is the baseprice valuation system. We started the game with a market close period around race finishes. After recomputing the ProCyclingGame ranking and the corresponding baseprices, the market was re-opened. This system had the advantage of rider baseprices being directly adjusted. A big disadvantage was that there was no good prediction when the market would be re-opened, causing long waiting times. We therefore discarded the close/re-open system and instead of a direct baseprice increase we introduced a 500,- overnight increase. This however, puts a limit on the benefits for a player investing in a rider before he performs very well. In the updated game, the market remains open and baseprices are adjusted at once. Because baseprices are adjusted after the results are published, which can be a few minutes till hours after the race finishes, there is an opportunity to buy a rider before the price is increased. We solve this with corrections. These corrections are deducted or added from your cash position. If you have bought the rider before the start and sell after the finish, but before the price is increased, you receive a positive correction, or investment bonus. This way, the price increase find its way to the rightful players that invested early.

Furthermore, the way the baseprices are computed is changed. In the first edition of the game, changes in price were related to the position of a rider in the PCG ranking. One disadvantage of this was that a minor decrease or increase in points could result in multiple position changes, and therefore a large increase or decrease in value. It was hard to keep track of when this was going to happen. This is changed in the following way. The initial baseprices are still determined according to the position of the rider in the PCG ranking. The way the ranking is computed is quite different. In general, a ranking reflects the historical performances. To determine a good price, it also needs to reflect future performances. That why we introduced an age factor. On average, young riders are more likely to increase there previous season point total than older riders. The ranking formula is explained in the rules section. The initial baseprices remain fixed throughout the year. If a rider scores prizemoney in a race, they get an baseprice addition based upon the amount of prizemoneyscored and the current price. This means that riders can only increase in baseprice, never decrease. Because this causes inflation, the inflation factor (called normalization factor in v1 version) will decrease faster. This drives the price of riders that don't score points faster down, making them more attractive to invest in.

It may seems as a very complex set of changes, but we are convinced these changes make the game more honest and more interesting to play. Over the coming days we are updating the game, so you can already adjust to the new rules over the coming weeks. The market will be closed between June 15 and June 17.