Tour of Britain

Stage 2
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TypeResultPrizeRiderMy prizemoneyCaptain
Stage results1€ 4.000,-BOL Cees
2€ 3.600,-STEWART Jake
3€ 3.200,-STRONG Corbin
4€ 2.800,-ANIOŁKOWSKI Stanisław
5€ 2.400,-LAMPERTI Luke
6€ 2.000,-VAN ROOY Kenneth
7€ 1.600,-PIDCOCK Thomas
8€ 1.200,-PRADES Eduard
9€ 800,-BROWN Jim
10€ 400,-MARCELLUSI Martin
Leader GC1€ 1.000,-STRONG Corbin
Leader GC points1€ 500,-STRONG Corbin
Leader GC KOM1€ 500,-SCOTT Jacob
€ 24.000,-

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