Miguel Ángel López


Price explained

Starting baseprice€ 850.000This is the baseprice at the start of the game.
Baseprice correction- € 950For every purchase during the startup phase of the game, the baseprice is corrected with minus € 50,-
Performance bonus+ € 0When a rider scores prizemoney, the baseprice is increased with the following amount: [Prizemoney]/[CurrentRiderValue]*100.000.
Baseprice€ 849.050Summation of the starting baseprice, the baseprice correction and the performance bonus.
#Teams 44*50+ € 2.200The number of teams having this rider on their team times € 50,-
Nominal price€ 851.250Price before inflation factor applied
Inflation factor* 0.945241Inflation factor, see here
Price€ 820.263Actual rider price